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All special processes are carried out “in house” using highly trained and qualified operators, certified DFAR
compliant material and the latest equipment and technology to ensure quality and finish.

The main processes are:

  • Heat treatments
    • annealing, normalizing, stress relieving of steel  MIL-H-6875 / AMS2759
    • hardening, tempering of steel  MIL-H-6875 / AMS2759
    • solution treating, annealing, stabilization, precipitation  of PH steels, cres and nickel alloys MIL-H-6875 / AMS2759 / AMS2774
    • vacuum heat treating  AMS2769

  • Protective treatments
    • cadmium plating AMS-QQ-P-416
    • zinc-nichel plating
    • silver plating AMS2410 /  AMS2411
    • copper plating MIL-C-14150 / AMS2418
    • passivation ASTM A 967 / AMS-QQ-P-35 / AMS2700
    • black oxide coating MIL-HDBK-205A
    • titanium anodizing  EN2808
    • phosphate coating MIL-DTL-16232

  • Surface coatings
    • MoS2 lubrication MIL-PRF-46010 / AS5272 / AS1701
    • aluminum coating NAS 4006
    • cetyl alcohol  MIL-L-87132

  • NDT
    • magnetic particle inspection ASTM E-1444
    • penetrant liquid inspection ASTM E-1417

  • Mechanical testings
    • tension testing of metallic materials ASTM E8
    • vibration test NASM1312-7/DOD-STD-1312-107/ISO7481
    • fastener test methods  MIL-STD-1312
    • salt spray fog testing  ASTM B117/NASM1312-1/ISO9227
    • mechanical hydrogen embrittlement  test  ASTM F519
    • rockwell hardness   ASTM E18
    • Microhardness NASM1312-6/ASTM E384/ISO6507-1
    • Grain Size and metallurgical evaluation ASTM E112/ISO643