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June 2017
Paolo Astori gains approval on a number of new BACN standards for Boeing.
More approvals are planned for 2017 and into 2018.
Please contact Alex Heath for more information.

May 2016
Paolo Astori is approved by Boeing on the BACN11G Series.
Paolo Astori is approved by Bombardier on the B0204080 Series.

March 2016
Paolo Astori is approved by Bombardier on the following part series:
B0204064 B0204065 B0204076 B0204077 B0204085
More qualifications are planned for 2016 and 2017.

February 2016 
Paolo Astori adds to its extensive number of Airbus approvals on a range of MS/NAS/ABS & NSA standards.

January 2016 
Paolo Astori continues its extensive investment program which has seen more than 20,000,000 USD invested over the last 4 years in facility expansion to 325,000 sq ft.

January 2016
Paolo Astori expands product portfolio adding several ABS/NSA Airbus standards.

November 2015
Paolo Astori gains Boeing qualification on the following part series: 
More qualifications are planned for 2016 and 2017.

October 2013
Paolo Astori is now listed as an approved supplier in the COMAC QPL for the C919 program. Please see our certificate of approval on the website for more details. 

July 2013
Paolo Astori is now an approved supplier to Rolls Royce. Our Approval number is 119750/01 

June 2013 
Paolo Astori is now NADCAP approved for NDT.

March 2013

Adding to the approvals gained in 2011, Paolo Astori has now been approved on a much broader range of MS/NAS hex nuts and nut plates by Bell Helicopter.

October 2012

Paolo Astori is now approved on a number of part numbers for the Lockheed Martin F16 program.

October 2012
Paolo Astori is further increasing capacity & broadening capability with the construction of a multi-million euro purpose built factory on a greenfield site adjacent to the existing space of 100,000 sq ft. The new building is intended to come online in Q1 2014 and has the potential to double existing capacity should it be required. Max Campagnoli, CEO commented “We are very excited about what the future holds for the aerospace industry and Paolo Astori is 100% committed to being ahead of the curve with investment in people, technology & capacity to support our customers”

July 2012
Paolo Astori adds significant additional capacity to support the rapid growth of the company.

December 2011
Paolo Astori is now an approved supplier at Boeing Defence Space & Security’s Rotorcraft Systems facility in Philadelphia.

December 2011

Paolo Astori becomes an approved supplier to Spirit Aerosystems helping to support Airbus, Bombardier & Gulfstream programs amongst others.

August 2011
Paolo Astori successfully passes an audit by Gulfstream Aerospace Corp and is now a fully approved supplier.

June 2011
Paolo Astori further increases the range of parts approved for Lockheed Martin Marietta led programs.

June 2011
Paolo Astori's entry into the aero engine sector is finalized with the signing of a multi-million dollar 5 year LTA.

May 2011
Paolo Astori Receives Bell Helicopter Approval on a range of standards.

September 2010
Paolo Astori receives approval from the US Defence Logistics Agency and is now a member of the Qualified Suppliers List of Manufacturer's for class 3 threaded fasteners able to support all our US distribution partners with our hardware.